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  1. I made a mistake when I clicked on "try the new beta" with Google Drive integration; I didn't realize there would be no going back. I don't like that EN removed (or did this happen co-incidentally?) the Google Drive folder from my Windows 7 libraries and C drive directory listing without asking and, on top of that, I can find no way to undo this 'beta' mistake. A simple 'untry' function that is readily discoverable should accompany any 'try' offer. After looking thru EN's help and community forums I am unable to find an answer. So, anyone else have this problem? or, hopefully, an answer as to where to find the 'disconnect' button and separate EN from access to my Google drive without leaving EN? Thanks for......
  2. Hello, Scruggles, I accepted the offer to 'try' the new Chrome 'beta' and I now want to 'untry' it. I once thought 'try' implied one could 'untry' but have been unable to find a way to do so after searching thru the support options Evernote offers. Would you kindly advise on how to undo the 'beta' and go back to the non beta Evernote. I particularly do not wish to have EN connected to my Google Drive and must find a way to disconnect this unwanted action. Thank you, Jamesmichael
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