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  1. I made a mistake when I clicked on "try the new beta" with Google Drive integration; I didn't realize there would be no going back. I don't like that EN removed (or did this happen co-incidentally?) the Google Drive folder from my Windows 7 libraries and C drive directory listing without asking and, on top of that, I can find no way to undo this 'beta' mistake. A simple 'untry' function that is readily discoverable should accompany any 'try' offer. After looking thru EN's help and community forums I am unable to find an answer. So, anyone else have this problem? or, hopefully, an answer as t
  2. Hello, Scruggles, I accepted the offer to 'try' the new Chrome 'beta' and I now want to 'untry' it. I once thought 'try' implied one could 'untry' but have been unable to find a way to do so after searching thru the support options Evernote offers. Would you kindly advise on how to undo the 'beta' and go back to the non beta Evernote. I particularly do not wish to have EN connected to my Google Drive and must find a way to disconnect this unwanted action. Thank you, Jamesmichael
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