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  1. I'm surprised that no one has pointed out that if Evernote were to just use Apple's standard Text Editing engine (the one that TextEdit uses) they could already have an incredibly powerful Find & Replace functionality built in. This is one of the hidden gems of using macOS! Hidden in the little menu that itself is not immediately apparent (click on the search glass icon in the Find field of the Find and Replace bar) is some seriously powerful–and easy to use Pattern-Based search and replace. Using that patterns submenu, you basically have the power of RegEx search and replace, but in a highly visual manner. You can build a search query with wildcards for words or digits or spaces or Paragraph breaks, line breaks, page breaks. And then you can replace what you find easily with these tokens. So if you wanted to search for a pattern with: Word1, Word 2, Date, URL and replace it with Word 2: Date, Word1 - URL You could do that! Plus, using the macOS's text editing engine would allow usage of Styles, which would be incredibly useful in Evernote. I'm sure some work would be involved in integrating this into Evernote, but once that part was done, Evernote would even get to enjoy any updates Apple makes to that code. A lot of applications on the Mac take advantage of this text engine - nvAlt is one that I use everyday... it gets all that awesome Find & Replace visual pattern based awesomeness... seems a shame that Evernote can't utilize this as well. (also, I highly recommend nvAlt if your needs are confined to Text/Markdown files. It accesses my "TextDocs" folder at the root of my Dropbox, each note is a separate .md file, and the search is super fast. As long as the app is open, I hit option-n, the window comes up with the cursor in the search field. I type and results come up, if no note is matched, I can simply finish typing what I want the name of the note to be, hit return and I'm immediately able to write my note with the cursor in the text input of the note. Files are saved automatically, so jotting down a quick note or idea happens unbelievably fast. My notes are all saved as .md, but I could use .txt if I wanted. I can view/edit them on my iPhone or on the web via Dropbox. For text only, it's a fantastic solution.) http://brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt/
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