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  1. @gazumped: The only applications with access to EN are EN Web Clipper, EN Hello and Skitch. I did not use them at that time. I hardly ever use them. @ScottLougheed: I was not using the desktop application (but the iPad app). I didn't even know that I could change the date updated myself... All three notes stopped updating automatically at 21.34 on Sunday 7 July. I didn't anything special at that moment. Thank you both for the suggestions. It is still curious to me...
  2. They continually appeared at the top of the Notes list (which is sorted on last date edited). Even after changing another note, these three notes popped at the top of the list and got a new time stamp. The problem seems to have stopped of itself sometime last night, so now it is even less of a problem and more curiosity...
  3. Three notes I created today get automatically updated when I use EN in iOS without touching those three notes. Not a serious problem yet, but it means that these notes will stay on top of the notes list (sorted on date last edited) and they far from that important. They are all three very simple notes: bulleted lists with just a few bullets each. Today I updated to iOS 7.1.2. Anyone any suggestions as to what is happening here?
  4. Why not just create a template note in a notebook 'Templates' and copy / paste that template note as often as you need? You can make the notebook or specific templates your favourites. Pros: Free.Fast.No external actions needed.Cons: ?
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