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  1. So I am writing the chapters of my novel into Evernote before editing in word, for easy access on all my devices and computers. I often read through and edit the chapters for grammatical errors, misspelled words, or adding a little to them on my phone or tablet. I notice that after I save a note and come back to them later I have words pushedtogetherlike this in random places. Has anyone else been experiencing this or know how to fix this, possibly? It only happens in notes with at least a paragraph of continuous text.
  2. Very interesting blog. I think that I may take up some of these ideas, such as the "My Life" book. Do your Facebook status's get auto shared? How does that work? Same with Pinterest. How are your pins being saved in Evernote? Just curious
  3. These are all issues I've been experiencing regularly myself and I figured that eventually in one of the updates it'd be fix... well a coupla years passed and that's not the case. I love evernote but these little things are starting to get really really annoying. I don't really buy into that. I don't think companies get "so big" the can ignore complaints. I think while you're small, you have to choose which complaints to fix because you can't fix everything. Plus, if we really wanted to ignore stuff, why not just shut the forums down altogether? And companies DO get to big to ignore things... it happens all the time. Because they know there's enough people not complaining about those things. Not saying that's the case with Evernote, but it does happen. I had an HP employee tell me on the phone that forums weren't enough evidence for a real computer problem but an outlet for the users to complain and get it out there system... and refused to fix my under warranty PC because it was a "software" issue (I'm an IT tech and I know it was Hardware). Very true, even when I do get editing working halfway correct when I need to go back and edit something SIMPLE from my android phone... I find all kinds of crazyness either keeping me from doing so or completely ***** the note over just by opening it up on my phone. I can't possibly think of switching to another note taking program at this point but the crazy thing is this.... it's getting so. bad that I AM thinking of other possibilities... things like workflowy even... Honestly, I don't want to. I like Evernote, but the basics are killing me. This needs to be fixed
  4. I have the same issue even with making things from scratch. I make a simple format with simple text. Center a header and a sub header, center a picture, then some notes beneath it... will guess what? I try to do the same thing a second time and I start getting all sorts of issues. I do this in MS Word and then post it into evernote and no problem. I'm big on visual aesthetics, and evernote really throws me with the simple things... Another thing. I write... as in chapters of books. Why is it when I make simple edits from my phone (a grammar error or two) then go back to the note and I find I have words that lost spaces, etc. I hate that. I wish these simple things could be fixed it's very annoying.
  5. Oh so simple! You have no idea how many times I thought I was hovering over that and it still clicked through to the link. Thanks so much!
  6. Hey there I was wondering how and if there was a way that I could change or get rid of the source URL in my notes. Some of mine are outdated and I'd like to do so but still haven't figured out just how. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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