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  1. Yikes! I have two (or more) Google apps accounts I'm in at same time. Must have support for multiple accounts.
  2. Yes there is some way to go but the fact they have added back things that some people may consider as clutter (note counts), is a very good sign. This is a note taking app. It should be very good at taking notes first and everything else second.
  3. The fact you haven't fixed bulleting and pasting is absolutely dumbfounding. This is a beta product still.
  4. And when you use the web clipper tool there is no telling what image you might see in the snippet view. It's very annoying and I agree this should be another togglable option.
  5. Add more customization to the UI. Allow people to toggle things in toolbars and display note counts (or not). Don't try and satisfy everyone, give people options.
  6. But I can symlink to files on a hard drive ;-)
  7. Feature Request: Right click note and creat copy of note in CURRENT notebook. I have quite a few notes that are template based and this would be an insanely helpful feature.
  8. My content is pasted on the same line as my cursor (which is good) but then a line break is inserted after the paste (which is not optimal).
  9. When I paste things they are posted a line below where my cursor actually is.
  10. I would implore you not to remove power user features just to make a lighter weight app. Evernote should make everyone from my 12 year old daughter happy to my sysadmin cohorts to the former Mac dealer to my parent's (if they'd ever learn to trust the interwebs).
  11. It still would be great to be able to re-tag or completely untag posts in Atlas en masse.
  12. I have had Atlas on since the upgrade to this beta version and I have no use for it whatsoever. I would like to go back and remove that location data from notes because I have a wildly sporadic location for notes that I've made here in the office.
  13. And you know what, the lack of detail in the default sync dialog is not making me happy.
  14. Bulleted lists seem to not want to continue when I press Enter (next line). It's very annoying as I have to do a series of steps that seem to be different every time to get my bullets working again.
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