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  1. I use Presentation Mode every work day on my iPhone. I need to see speaking points and can only glance at my phone - and presentation mode is what allows me to quickly see what I need because of the way it wraps text and makes the text large and readable. What it does is not available in any other mode - not even if you use the "remove formatting" option. Dear Evernote - I don't use it to "present" notes on a projector or TV (you suggested using Air Play so that doesn't apply here) - it seems that you've made assumptions about the use case for this feature. Presentation Mode is one of 2 reasons I pay for Premium! Please bring it back now! I am going to hold off upgrading to 8.x as long as possible, because not having this feature would negatively affect me at work.
  2. I have been looking forward to moving from Windows to Mac - but have not done yet. But then I was trying to sell a family member on Evernote (they already have a Mac) - explaining how powerful search features finally allow you to sift through all of the info you keep. But then I couldn't replicate easy search practices on the Mac - which kind of took the wind out of my explanation. So I agree that porting Windows search features to Mac should be considered a must. What is the point of having volumes of information if it's going to be cumbersome to find what you're looking for? So yes - I would really like to see the newest Windows search features on Mac - which were just updated in a major Evernote Windows release (6.1.2) that further improved on the search-in-context features.
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