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  1. Due to Summer time our clocks are set to an hour earlyer here in Brazil, so you guys just nailed it! When I correct the time Evernote WILL remember me. A solution, but not ideal, right? Any possibilities of a patch for cases like this? Thank you guys for been so nice. galessa
  2. Well, I did upgrade for the last version, sent logs to our friends in Evernote, but the problem lingers.
  3. Hello, jbignert! Thanks for the reply. But it seems to me the problem is with Chrome, since Firefox will do the task, both under Windows 7. Hope you solve it!
  4. By the way, this problem will not happen with Firefox...
  5. The same happens to me and I use Chrome in windows 7 and it is 2012 now! HELP!
  6. Hi. Something odd: Web Clipper will no "remember me", so everytime I try to right clic and clip the whole page or article or selection, I have to log in. I have alredy set Chrome to accept all cookies but still it won't work. Any clues?
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