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  1. Further investigation shows that -- (1) The note, which was uneditable on my PC, was editable from my Mac at home over the weekend. And when I opened up the note on my PC on Monday (today), the edits downloaded / synched just. However -- the note was STILL uneditable on my PC. Any text I added was ignored. but worse: (2) I opened the note into a separate window (by double clicking on it in List view), thinking perhaps I could edit the note there instead. However, when I added a few keystrokes, and then closed the window, the entire note contents were erased. I ended up with a blank window. I'll try to start a support ticket, if I'm allowed (I'm not a premium user).
  2. Well, a bit more investigation shows that one of my notes is simply resistant to accepting any edits. I can type things into it and it appears on the screen fine, but it will not update, i.e., the "Updated" date and time will not change. If I click to another note, then return immediately to check on my attempted edits, they have disappeared. Manually clicking "sync" does not help. Even when I copy the entire note to a new one, it remained un-editable. Even when I open a new note and copy-paste text to the new note, the text will not remain with the new note (i.e., it too will disappear if I go to another note and return...). This appears to be less of a synching problem and more of some attribute of a note that will not allow it to accept edits. I should probably move it to a different topic. (But it could look like a synching problem, if you "edited" a note, and your edits were ignored. You might presume that your edits had been overwritten, when in fact they were never saved in the first place.)
  3. This may not be entirely relevant to the iOS topic, but it is relevant to old notes overwriting newer ones. I spent several hours today modifying two notes, and then creating a new one. When I went back to continue my work on the modified notes, all my changes were gone, and the notes had reverted to versions from a day or two ago (the last time I'd worked on them before today). This is all on the same device (my desktop PC running Windows XP), on the same day, with no re-launches of Evernote, or re-boots of the computer. My iMac in another lab was in fact also running Evernote, but it had synched this morning, and I didn't modify any notes there in any case. At the time I started work on my PC in the afternoon, both my machines were (to my knowledge) synched to the cloud copy and thus to each other. Is it possible that my note edits are not being saved frequently enough locally? What happens if Evernote tries to synch before it has saved a local copy? Does it recognize that you're working on a copy and save it before synching (one would think it should...). Will manually synching reduce the frequency of the problem?
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