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  1. Something changed today - the app itself doesn't show a new date but the Android share feature seems to work now. I am even given an Evernote option to select the notebook and just clip the page title and URL, whereas in the past it would only clip the entire page. So far so good, I'm up and running again.
  2. I am noticing the same failed clip attempts as well. Most if not all are from within other apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc) so I'm unsure whether switching browsers will help anyway, since the "share" is being done from another app on the phone. Running Android 7.0. Phone is Samsung-SM-N920V Had a recent system update, along with a slew of app updates in the past few days. Most likely related somehow but how to tell I have no clue. Did uninstall and reinstall Evernote, problem persists.
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