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  1. I opened a support ticket with Evernote and received an email response. Is there a way to view and respond to the ticket through Evernote's web site, or is it just through email? I do have a ticket # and I can respond to the email, but despite searching I can only find where to open a new ticket, not view an existing one. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I tried to find a similar report in the forum and must have missed that one. Would've saved me some trial and error
  3. So Evernote for windows updated to (303048) Prerelease yesterday, and it has a new (to me) bug that makes Evernote effectively unusable for note taking. Every time the note Autosaves, the cursor jumps to the top line, column zero (upper left corner of the note), so if you're typing at the time, you end up typing at the very beginning of the note, often in the middle of a word. I've experimented with this - it appears to happen 100% of the time on Autosave. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any way of turning off autosave for notes. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about Evernote syncing - this is the note you're typing updating in the main Evernote window. I actually positioned the new note window so I could see the note list in the main Evernote window and I could see that the preview for the note updated at the same time as the cursor jump (in other words, autosave). I did a quick experiment where I created a new note and then just started typing until the autosave happened to illustrate the effect. Screenshot is attached. Please look at this ASAP - this is a showstopper bug for Evernote for windows, makes note taking effectively unusable. I'll have to take notes in Evernote web until it's fixed.
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