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  1. Hi, I'm in the same situation. Personally, I share shared folders between two Premium accounts, one for work, one for my personal activities.
  2. I totally agree with bronwcoat: this change is unacceptable and unproductive. JYB
  3. I agree, this is a real problem... Without this function, Evernote is unusable on iPhone...
  4. After other bugs on Windows Evernote and iOS updates, it seems that the only answer from technical support is: uninstall and reinstall ... That does not solve anything ...
  5. This response is far from satisfactory! This is either the casual or the irony ... Such a - basic - function is it so complicated to develop?
  6. Support answer : "Hello, I would recommend re-installing a fresh copy of Evernote on your computer by making sure that Outlook is closed as well as your browser. Hopefully this should resolve the problem." But... it doesn't work...
  7. But... I'am fed up! Now, Evernote 5 on IOS no longer synchronize notes... F...... updates...
  8. Hello, Yes, I have filed a tech support request.
  9. It's done. In Outlook, the folowing message appears: Evernote services are not started. Please start Evernote and try again. I have reboot Outlook and Evernote without success.
  10. Hi, Same problem : impossible to send mail to Evernote from Outlook... Big problem... Windows XP SP3 Outlook 2007 Evernote 4.6.0 Regards,
  11. Hi guys, For my part, no loss of data or synchronization problems (thank you God!) ... And I'm getting used to this new interface finally, certainly less functional but pleasing to the eye ... However, on IOS, tab "Premium" has absolutely no interest and occupies unnecessary space on the screen "more with less" iPhone ... Functions to improve course, waiting for updates ... Evernote is a great application become essential to my business and personal.
  12. Hi, I can't find an email to contact KustomNote... I can create a template on the website, but I cannot use it : I just can edit the template (even when I click on "Create Note" at the right of the screen). Thanks, Regards.
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