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  1. I have NEVER been able to get Evernote to work with IFTTT no matter what I do! EVERY TIME I test the connection between Day One and Evernote I keep getting the error "There was an error during check process". Every. Time. I have tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting everything and it still dose NOT Work! So this is not a "fixed" issue.
  2. I would REALLY love to be able to select what image is viewed as my thumbnail or just be able to tell it to display a thumbnail at all, because for some reason a few random notes are refusing to show ANY thumbnail no matter what I try, they just won't display ANY of the image in the note! EVERNOTE, PLEASE FIX THIS! It's been a problem for a long time and since you guys are forcing everyone to have a PAID subscription now (or be limited to how much you can use Evernote) maybe you guys can use that extra money to implement features that have been requested for YEARS?
  3. Ok, you don't need to get sarcastic. I was only asking since you didn't provide any info. I just figured that you might know since you suggested it. But ok, I'll just google it.
  4. Is there a way to get my post from Postach.io to Tumblr? Because I was wanting to post a note to my reading blog. I mean, I could just start using this as my reading blog, but I would really like to continue using Tumblr.
  5. HOW do I post a note to Tumblr from Evernote WITH images intact? The only solution I've found is e-mailing Tumblr, which no longer works since Tumblr has discontinued that service. There has to be some way I could post my note on Tumblr without having to manually add each image back in. Exporting the HTML doesn't work since the images are being stored locally and I really don't want to have to go into the HTML and change the image location for each image. (Plus the exported HTML doesn't really work on Tumblr)
  6. I wanted to leave (and tried) but the amount of notes that I currently have in Evernote makes that really, really difficult. So I just ended up paying for the plus membership. I'm still pissed that they are basically forcing their free users to become paid users, but I also can't find any other program that I like as much. ;__; Though I have to say that if Evernotes goal was to piss off a majority of their user base they have succeed with flying colors. I just hope that this isn't going to be how they continue to run their business, because if things don't get better in the next year (the length of my plus membership) I'll probably have consider alternatives again.
  7. I tired uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't help, like I knew it wouldn't. I switched over to using Evernote web version and so far I'm not having issues... *crosses fingers* hopfully it too isn't going to start having issues.
  8. PLEASE FIX THIS! I've looked on the forums and see that I am not the only one having this problem. Not only that but this is a probablem that has been going on for MONTHS. Please. Fix. Your. Sh**. Any way, the probably is as I said, Evernote LAGS so badly! When I open a note it will work just fine for less than a minute, then every character I type becomes an ordeal. I type maybe a few letters and Evernote freezes momentarily before finally taking the letters and actually putting them into the document. Rinse and repeat. Do you have ANY idea how annoying it is to have to stop and wait for Evernote to catch up with me every couple of letters? So Evernote, PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! PLEASE!
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