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  1. Same problem. Evernote freezes on my iPad Pro with ‘No Note Selected” showing in the note frame. Does not recover no matter how long I wait. Have to close Evernote and reopen. Sometimes it takes takes several tries to get it to work. I have current IOS and Evernote versions. Followed advice of support and completely removed Evernote and reinstalled. Then reloaded my notes. No improvement at all. This completely destroys the utility of Evernote for me. The issue is definitely not fixed in my case and I find the congratulations extended above premature.
  2. I had the same problem, on both iPad Pro and iPhone, immediately after upgrading to iOS10. Evernote closes after a split second, hangs around in the background, opens, closes in a split second again when you tap on it. After wiping and reinstalling the app several times with little improvement, I used my PC web version of Evernote, which worked ok throughout, to progressively divide and redivide my notes down into separately created notebooks, then re syncing with iPad. I identified two notes out of 5000+ that reproducibly caused the crashloop on both iPhone and iPad whenever I scrolled past them or tried to download them into offline notebooks, whatever notebook I put them in. After deleting those 2 notes Evernote works fine as before. Now I have to expect anything up to 24 hours or more laboriously downloading my notebooks so I can browse offline again. I have not seen any option to keep the database on the iPad when you remove and reinstall Evernote? How do you do that? When you delete Evernote it just says you will lose all your data if you choose to delete?
  3. Yes, Evernote went into a crash loop as soon as I updated to iOS 10. Had to remove and reinstall several times. Think I found a corrupt note out of over 5000 that was causing the problem. Now I have to reload all my offline notebooks. Many hours later only a tiny fraction has downloaded. I guess Evernote is really economical with their servers.
  4. I installed iOS 10 today on my iPad Pro. On restart I found an immediate bug effecting Evernote. Evernote starts and opens full screen, but every time after a fraction of second it disappears, and iPad reverts back to home screen. Tap the home button twice reveals Evernote is open in reduced screen, with other open apps, but when I tap on it, it fills the screen then just disappears a split second later. I removed Evernote and did a fresh install and it worked ok for about 30 minutes. But then after closing and re-opening Evernote the same problem came back. I do not get any crash messages. A forced iPad restart did not help. This bug has left Evernote unusable on my iPad so I am hoping for a fast solution. I understand there is a brief window of time when I can try to re-install iOS 9 via iTunes, but why should I take the risk, when all my apps except Evernote are working ok on iOS 10? Will try removing and reinstalling Evernote yet again.
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