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  1. What's the big deal here about installing Evernote manually and not through the AppStore? Or are you on MountainLion? The big deal is operating for a period of time, thinking information is being saved because it fails silently. It's like when your backups aren't working and you only discover it when you need to restore data after a crash. You would want to kill your backup software/hardware/personnel provider. There's fixing it for now and the future and fixing it for the past. As for adding "Print to Evernote" or whatever, you can add it by downloading the non-App Store version, installing it to /Applications, and running the following Unix command in the Terminal. This will add an entry in the PDF menu called "Send to Evernote" that will kick off the version installed in /Applications. ln -s /Applications/Evernote.app ~/Library/PDF\ Services/Send\ to\ Evernote As for picking up the old receipts and other scanned or printed items, I'm not sure where applications store them. I do see entries in Console such as the following with the sandboxed Evernote, but the files are cleaned up: Oct 25 10:59:07 Denree.local sandboxd[72296] ([174]): Evernote(174) deny file-read-data /private/var/folders/9f/3fv12ct51fx9bst59z59hpb80000gn/T/printing.72266/Microsoft Word - e-Order_Tracker_Statuses-1.docx.pdf This Unix command may help recover some of those lost files, but you can see how sketchy it is. find /private -name \*pdf 2> /dev/null |grep -i print
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