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  1. I was just searching for how to switch accounts as I use me Evernote account as my own personal knowledgebase and today received a 2nd company one. I figured out how to switch in the client, but even though the Clipper is advertised as having this feature, I couldn't find it until hitting this post. There's clearly a need for users like myself to have this option in the Clipper - if not additional multi-user capabilities added from what was there previously. What's not clear to me is what the potential negative impact would be from bringing it back; even if only a smaller percentage of users may use it. Prior to having multiple accounts, I didn't know the option was there (when it was) so obviously didn't hamper me whatsoever. I do agree that Evernote should at the very least provide a genuine response to the status if not future of this issue instead of "We care very much about all users. At this point adding it back is not planned but your vote is registered." This reply after many users voiced their opinions did not sit well with me and seemed somewhat pompous. I have been an advocate of Evernote for a long time now yet have not had an experience with their support team to speak of. I do not (and hope Evernote would, either) wish for this topic in it's current state to be the only example I have. Thank You in advance for any information provided...
  2. Good Morning All - I use Evernote for numerous things including notes and my own personal knowledge base. One thing which has always plagued me is printing underlined text. Whenever I print a note which has underlined text, the underline is printed not below, but through the text underlined. (see screenshot below) I have tried printing to different model printers, different drivers, and different fonts, but still the issue persists on all of my computers. Not sure if it makes a difference, but some of my notes are copy/pastes from Word or Outlook. I run Evernote on Windows 7 x64 most of the time which is fully patched as well as Evernote being completely up to date. Any suggestions? Known bug? Thank You!
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