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  1. I am highly disappointed. I saw the older version of penultimate on my friends iPad and fell in love with that version. I then purchased an iPad, and to my extreme disappointed was presented with this new "upgrade". In a few words: Penultimate now sucks! Simple as that.
  2. I would love to see penultimate have the added features of a simple drawing program with shapes etc. I know this is available in skitch but what I'm looking for is the ultimate app to replace my lab notebook. Thus constantly switching back and forth is not ideal. I'm currently using evernote to write notes, add images from my experiments etc, but I would like to also be able to have closer functionality as a paper notebook. I'm holding off on getting an iPad until I see that one killer app. I love that I can write my notes on my computer in evernote while I'm working and access them later on my iphone, and thus I see the great utility of also getting an ipad, but only if i know there is seamless connection between penultimate and evernote -- that is if i write something in penultimate and publish to evernote is it a live object in evernote or once it's imported does it become static. And thus if it's live and if penultimate in conjunction with evernote made my ultimate lab notebook then I'll definitely get the iPad, and if penultimate had drawing capability such in "Note Taker HD" or "UPad" or "Notes Plus" or "GoodNotes"
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