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  1. My office has RDP and I connect into it to my PC via a secure SSH tunnel (no passwords; keys only). I am happy with that. I need a very strong password to prevent evil doers from getting into Evernote - VIA EVERNOTE! So the password is long/strong etc. I want some security - but not the same as the Evernote password. 90% of the people in the office have a password ending in 1. I don't care about people getting onto my machine - I care about them leering into my personal business. That is where the alternative password comes into play. None of them are capable of hacking my data nor would any I
  2. I posted this before and after 5 years still nothing is done. So another Christmas, another offer to get Premium at 50% off and another PASS because of the lack of this basic function. Sure I have a single free evernote at work. And I have a single free evernote at home. I am actually starting to use Microsoft's (stolen for a song from Wunderlist) ToDo for simple todos at work. Evernote fits a niche and isn't in the same league as ToDo - but for me to go all in, I need to have everything under one roof and Evernote isn't cutting it. Whatever. I get the "files" on the HDD are not encrypted
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