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  1. Surprising that the new version does not auto-start with Windows and all updates do not mention any concern with this or that it is upcoming. Either we are the few that have a problem or it really needs to be fixed. (PS Level 4 comments to add shortcuts to a startup folder is by no means a solution; just a Band-Aid brand, and that won't stick on me) What it does do VERY WELL is that if I have Evernote started one one PC and log into the Web version on another that I have to sign out or pay to keep all devices. 😜. Next step will be -- you have 10 minutes to open - enter/view and close. Sort of like the stupid plot in the movie Se7en where the L train runs by their apartment and she says "we wondered why the real estate agent would only give us 5 minutes at a time to look at the apartment).
  2. My office has RDP and I connect into it to my PC via a secure SSH tunnel (no passwords; keys only). I am happy with that. I need a very strong password to prevent evil doers from getting into Evernote - VIA EVERNOTE! So the password is long/strong etc. I want some security - but not the same as the Evernote password. 90% of the people in the office have a password ending in 1. I don't care about people getting onto my machine - I care about them leering into my personal business. That is where the alternative password comes into play. None of them are capable of hacking my data nor would any IT we deal with. Period. A simpler password would be enough to dissuade - but who cares - let me be the judge of how secure or insecure my data is. Anyways, we are all pushing rope - Evernote won't do it (5+ years and counting); you gurus have an answer to justify how it is currently working; and Evernote won't get my money. Everyone is happy. Thank you. belly
  3. I posted this before and after 5 years still nothing is done. So another Christmas, another offer to get Premium at 50% off and another PASS because of the lack of this basic function. Sure I have a single free evernote at work. And I have a single free evernote at home. I am actually starting to use Microsoft's (stolen for a song from Wunderlist) ToDo for simple todos at work. Evernote fits a niche and isn't in the same league as ToDo - but for me to go all in, I need to have everything under one roof and Evernote isn't cutting it. Whatever. I get the "files" on the HDD are not encrypted - and anyone (let's say Russkies) - if they REALLY wanted to, could get at the data. But most IT people are not hackers - they in fact lack any ability to hack. We all want a PIN or alternate password on the windows desktop. Guru jefito et al is not the problem - the paid Evernote people are the issue - they aren't doing this. If I was told "well we can give you an alternate password on the desktop - but if people really wanted to get at your data - with the right skills they could" - I still would jump at the chance to get that "dissuading" option. Joyeux Noël indeed.
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