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  1. The premium says: PIN LOCK - iOS and Android users can add a lock to their Evernote app for an extra level of security. Whatever the reason they added that to iOS and Android and whatever level of security that implies ... should be applied across all platforms including Windows. Win+L is a function of the OS not an IN APP solution. The PIN is an IN APP solution and it works - but not with Windows. jefito mentioned switching users - that applies to Windows Premium but believe that still is not available under Android. But that implies memorizing a password? Latest security issue meant a stronger password for me - stored in LastPass. LastPass cannot hit passwords in the app/client - therefore once I log in that is it as I am not going to remember yet another password. Hence why (full circle) I would like to see a PIN - IN APP. But I seem to get the bit this is a pushing rope exercise.
  2. When reading the premium options I see that the ability to add a PIN only is available under Android/iOS. As a developer myself I can appreciate how the Evernote team is up to their eyeballs in trying to improve and move the product(s) forward. OTOH, I see a number of differences between the Windows and Android product alone - and I am curious why the behavior of both are not more closer to each other. And yes I appreciate the difference of a "PC with keyboard and mouse and monitor" v. "smartphone with a smaller screen; touch keyboard and totally different UI". The PIN is a perfect example of where this train goes off the tracks. Utterly simple yet not available under Windows? Why? I think I get the bit on the Smartphone - it is a royal PITA to constantly enter logins and passwords (in all alls) and so here we would login ONCE and then forever onward use a simple 4 digit pin for example. What makes Windows so much easier? In my world, at the office I may need an IT person get access to my machine. Right there, they could open up and see all my notes within Evernote as it is always logged in. I want the same thing - both a login/password and the option to add a PIN. I want to be asked for a PIN when I access it. And if it is smart enough (don't know about the Android method) - after a period of time it should re-ask for the PIN. (Or always ask if you close it and later reopen it). I have issues as well with the multiple logins. Apparently, under Android at least, you cannot have multiple accounts YET - developers emailed me to say "future". Frustrating is the word. I like new, bigger better etc - but I think Evernote is really missing the big picture. Unless there is a technological issue preventing it, most features should be available across all platforms - period. It will make the users happier knowing they don't have to do something different or know that "THIS does that" and "THAT does not do THIS yet". It will improve marketing - no more "This works under Windows but not Android/iOS" or as per the PIN - only for iOS/Android. PINs and Multiple logins and the lot - should be similar across the platforms. Yes I can see where a "Camera snapshot" may not work the same way on a PC - but both platforms do allow me to get a image blob and post it in Evernote. I played a game on Android (Word Feud) and saw it was available on iOS. Do they look the same? No - Android looks a lot better actually. But once you remove the graphic qualtiy and the differences in the UI - the game is identical. As well it should be. Thanks & cheers! b
  3. Thanks Jefito ... I set that flag SetNewNoteTags to 1 and now it works. This is the second time I have been bitten by the "short cuts" - I think you directed me in another post too. F2/F3 are good alternatives. It would be nice if they peppered the app with tooltips (ie hover the mouse over the title field and show a tool tip "F2 shortcut to change title" or "F3 to add tag". I am actually surprised that the SHIFT TAB (BACKTAB) doesn't work.. But the biggies for me include CTRL-ARROWs (move by word) and CTRL-DELETE (delete word) - not all editors follow their logic. As per your comment "fact that tabs are consumed by the note editor" - TABS within the editor are one thing but before/after the editor, they should behave differently. Again I am coming at this based on a natural intuitive method of moving. Years ago the bank I use updated their web page - it went LOGIN; PASSWORD; REMEMBER LOGIN; PROCEED TO LOGIN. Now you enter your login <TAB> then password <TAB> and yes, it foolishly put you on REMEMBER instead of PROCEED (where you could then hit <ENTER>). And NO there was no need to move the REMEMBER LOGIN toggle box - they just had to make the TAB FROM PASSWORD smarter - to move to you PROCEED. And yes I complained (as I am sure others did) and sure enough it was fixed it short order. But I hear what you are saying overall. At any rate - I will make a note to search for Scott's shared notebook and see what other info I can get from it. I will also print out the KB on the shortcuts. This is a HUGE improvement - thanks for your assistance. belly
  4. Using the latest windows version. I have searched for "Title" and see a number of different issues - where people LIKE to use the first line of their note "as the title" to others asking that a title change not invoke a "modification". I am in the camp that actually dislikes the first line being the note, and in fact when I click NEW NOTE - I want my cursor placed on the title line where i can type it. There is too much mouse requirement when keying in a new note. 1) A new note body starts with any rambling - not focused on "this being the title which is now replicated". 2) My brain says put the cursor on the title to start then I can TAB (that is easy). 3) With the note starting on the body, and I want a title I have to get the mouse and move the cursor always back to the title (yes this can be a basic option setting - start in NOTE or BODY) 4) Tabbing from the Title to Source and BODY isn't good - it would be nice to be able to tab INTO the TAGS - and allow me to type the tags; TAB to the NEXT tag and then something like ALT-ENTER or CTRL-ENTER to move out of the TAG loop into the body. (secondary request) But I see this falls on deaf ears. There are lots of Windows apps on the market and many have LOTS AND LOTS of options - options with many different folders to choose from. Yet with Evernote - nothing. Very basic options and no way to change any behavior of the actual app. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and yes I have and use a mouse all the time - but there is a point where a mouse is a giant waste of time when the all mighty "tab" and modified "enter" can do far more and is faster than any mouse. I see my customers when they see new screens (not talking about Evernote) - their hand grabbing for the mouse like some Linus safety blanket and then becoming frozen with "what to do next?" look - their hearts racing I am sure. Evernote as an archive of information with searching etc - excellent. Evernote as a fast and easy way to enter notes? No way. To me quite cumbersome. At least under Windows. At the start about 6 months ago it was a joy to have such a wonderful tool. Today I almost cringe at having to key in a new note knowing I have to move the blasted cursor via the mouse to title. (And yes some of you have embraced this first line = title concept - great - but I am sure there are many that, like me, despise it) PS: Did you know on the ANDROID version, the VERY FIRST FIELD they put you on is TITLE? Big hearty chuckle. Regards
  5. I have added a bunch of items and decided that I wanted to ensure all items had a tag. I went to click "tags" and it shows all the tags and how many notes are applied to that tag. However, there is no way on the Android (unless someone can help with that) to show all the items WITHOUT TAGS. 1) Under Windows, one can "sort" the tag column and everything w/o tag can either float to the top or bottom. 2) On Android it would be nice to show a single/final grouping called "Untagged" and a count. Then I could click that and ONLY see the items w/o a tag. Then I can go through that list. The beauty with the Android product, if you select a specific tag to browse by and then edit the item and remove that tag, that item now disappears from the list once you save it. So if I can see all those items w/o a tag - then once I assign the tag(s) they will automatically disappear. As I am tagging the list will get shorter to the point there are no items without tags. The product is really a big filing cabinet - and I see this as a way to help file things in their right place without having a giant misc/sundry/untagged bunch of data (assuming that you want to use tags in the first place). belly