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  1. At the rate Evernote is going, you're going to get at least half of your wish.....the not wanting Penultimate for Android. They're doing a GREAT job delivering on that request.
  2. Hardly....they've had OVER a year and in June 2012 they posted a job position for a developer. So they either have the slowest developers on the planet, can't find a developer to work for them (in which case they ought to be re-evaluating their offer), or really don't think that this is a priority. After this much time and after hearing this much feedback from their users one can only assume that it's just not a priority. In the world of high tech things change at warp speed...there hav been far too many unnecessary updates to other products at the expense of putting resources towards this. Apparently, Phil Libin knows better than his customers because we've spoken and he isn't listening.
  3. @Gbarry - while I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge this thread, personally, I find your response to be an attempt at placation rather than an attempt to provide useful information. I understand that it is typically Evernote's policy to not discuss ETA's, etc....but the fact remains that it has been almost a year since your first acknowledgement that this is in developement. For this much time to pass with basically nothing to report tells me that while it may be "in development," it certainly isn't a priority. I worked in the valley for years...there isn't one startup that I know of who would find acceptable the timeline that this project seems to have taken. "In development" means a lot of things....it could simply be an idea that "someday" you'd like to bring to market versus something where all resources are being thrown at it in order to bring it to market as expeditiously as possible. There seems to be this ambivalence on the part of Evernote for this specific product....the longer it continues, the more customers that you are going to lose. Somehow I can't imagine google or any other technology company in the valley taking this much time on any of their products...particularly one that only needs to be ported to a new OS.
  4. I beg to differ....it's been almost a year that they've been recruiting.....the Valley is swimming with Android developers....if they can't snag one after this much time then there is something very wrong with the offer. As far as starting blind I disagree here as well. Penulimate currently exists....it just needs to be translated into something based on java. Granted, this is a monumental and difficult task but the point of reference does in fact exist. This industry changes almost daily...the industry leaders today were for the most part a nobody a year ago and the industry leaders of tomorrow will include many companies that we've probably never heard of today. Those companies who sit back on their heels assuming that they have all of the time in the world are the ones who will eventually fade off into oblivion. The companies who capitalize on industry leading solutions are the ones who will be around for the long haul. Penultimate for IOS is unquestionably the industry leader....Evernote had had a year to capitalize and for what includes probably a LOT of hard work thus far the fact remains that we as endusers have nothing tangible to see as the result of that effort. It's time to make this a priority.
  5. I am 100% in agreement and think this is a necessary feature. It will be really, really, REALLY great if you could incorporate this functionality into the Android version of Penultimate as well! (*Because you KNOW we all REALLY want an Android version*)
  6. This has now become one of the hottest threads in the Penultimate forum.....hello, Evernote, are you listening????? It sure seems like we have an echo in here! Customers are clamoring for it and Evernote is silent.......which means that they are either too busy with their noses to the grindstone cranking out the code or they don't care and will release it when they get around to it. SHOW US, Evernote!!
  7. I think it's pretty apparent that there is a huge demand for this product based on this thread and several others on the forum that deal with an android version of penultimate. While Evernote has continually come up with one awesome product after another I think this is one time that your users are TELLING you what they want....so please, LISTEN and RESPOND to your users. What makes a company great is not only their products but also how RECEPTIVE and RESPONSIVE they are to their customers.....Evernote, SHOW US that you are a GREAT company!
  8. Take a number and get in line LOL....us Android people have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER!!!
  9. @grumpymonkey - they posted the position last July which isn't like the position was just posted a week ago. My ask of an update was to see if anybody was hired and has ownership of this project yet...and if there was somebody hired how they are coming with the project. It would be great to know that they are knee deep into the development cycle rather than they haven't even hired someone to manage the project yet. I don't think giving an update at this point would be construed as commenting or speculating on release dates. If they haven't hired anybody yet then my question is wtf, why not????
  10. @heather the job posting was in July.....has anybody been hired yet and how are they progressing with penultimate for android???
  11. yes, please don't do what a competitor just did....make people wait and wait and then release the product and it is only supported on three devices by a single manufacturer! There is a huge void in the penultimate space on android devices!
  12. Other than posting a job description for a developer, is there any progress on penultimate for android? It's understood that the company wants to avoid speculative commentary but could you at least tell us if before the end of the year is a possibility with a relatively high probability or if that would simply be wishful thinking?
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