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  1. I am 100% in agreement and think this is a necessary feature. It will be really, really, REALLY great if you could incorporate this functionality into the Android version of Penultimate as well! (*Because you KNOW we all REALLY want an Android version*)
  2. Take a number and get in line LOL....us Android people have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER!!!
  3. @grumpymonkey - they posted the position last July which isn't like the position was just posted a week ago. My ask of an update was to see if anybody was hired and has ownership of this project yet...and if there was somebody hired how they are coming with the project. It would be great to know that they are knee deep into the development cycle rather than they haven't even hired someone to manage the project yet. I don't think giving an update at this point would be construed as commenting or speculating on release dates. If they haven't hired anybody yet then my question is wtf, why not????
  4. yes, please don't do what a competitor just did....make people wait and wait and then release the product and it is only supported on three devices by a single manufacturer! There is a huge void in the penultimate space on android devices!
  5. Other than posting a job description for a developer, is there any progress on penultimate for android? It's understood that the company wants to avoid speculative commentary but could you at least tell us if before the end of the year is a possibility with a relatively high probability or if that would simply be wishful thinking?
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