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  1. I've been Premium for a couple years-ish, and was getting pretty good use out of Evernote. The version 5 interface has really handicapped it for me though. I can't tell where screen elements are, like the scroll bar in snippet view, especially if my laptop isn't at exactly the right angle, because the colors and contrasts are too similar. There's not even a vertical line to help suggest where it *might* be, and I find my eye drawn to the vertical seperator between the snippet list and the document preview window because it *looks* like a scroll bar. I also miss the little arrow that used to point to my default notebook - now I have to scan up and down the folder list to find it and that's getting *really* frustrating. I have a lot of documents and a lot of notebooks. I very much preferred the old folder list's appearance. I still get good use of the search function, and I rely on Evernote to be able to find text snippets quickly in really large PDFs, but overall I think that for me the interface change is a big huge step back, and I'd like the option to restore at least some of the old interface features.
  2. Farotech, Consider yourself "evangelized", e.g. you've received the typical snarky reply from one of the Evernote "evangelists" because you need something. BurgersNFries, Please, if you have nothing constructive to add to a member's request, no matter how it's worded, kindly refrain from trying to stomp all over one of their only means of expressing their frustration and/or desire to have Evernote improved in ways you might not have imagined. It really makes searching the message boards at Evernote very frustrating. I'm *not* exaggerating.
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