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  1. If anyone still needs an answer to this, I've recently made the transition and it was fairly painless thanks to this script for Mac: http://veritrope.com...-file-importer/ It imports .csv files into evernote and works really well. You can export a .csv from Knowbase and you'll need to tweak it a little bit in excel and/or word to get all your tags to import properly. Follow these steps: 1. Do a search and replace in Knowbase before you export the csv and get rid of all " marks, they mess the script up, I just replaced them ' marks 2. If you have multiple tags on each file, open the csv file in notepad or a text editor and replace all the ' marks that surround your tags with " marks, but you only want to affect the ones around your tags so you search for ',' and replace with "," you'll also need to replace all the '" with just a " for the first and last tags 3. Open the csv file in excel and change the word 'date' in the top row to an actual date (i.e. 01/01/2010). The other thing excel does is create blank cells for articles that have less tags than the others, this will help the script when importing. Make sure you're still saving a csv from excel. 4. Go to the link above and follow the instruction to convert the csv to Evernote.
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