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  1. I agree that the beta is extremely difficult to use. My biggest complaint is that the search functionality does not work right. Take for example saved searches: if I click on a saved search it will automatically take me back to my personal notes, rather than my business notes, despite the fact that I started the search from my business notebooks. Certain aspects of advanced search syntax do not work well either, say the ability to exclude notes with certain tags from the search results. Example: I make frequent use of a tag “done.” Despite putting –tag:done in the search syntax, the notes are not removed from the results. There is no such problem on the other Evernote platforms. In general, my frustration with Evernote continues to grow as Evernote makes a habit of implementing drastic sweeping changes that fundamentally change the way you interact with the software, and often has significant bugs that need to be worked out. In my opinion, this isn’t an appropriate approach for software that desires to be seen as “an extension of your brain.” My brain doesn’t change dramatically from day to day--that neither should it ever note. Incremental changes are the way here.
  2. Dear Evernote, Here's a pro tip: Please STOP SILENTLY REMOVING MAJOR FEATURES TO WORK OUT BUGS. It tends to piss off paying users who understand that a certain number of bugs in software is to be expected, but this "remove it and try to get it replaced before anybody notices" as a bugfix policy is not. You guys do this FREQUENTLY. Exhibit A: Chrome Web Clipper. Please stop. Thanks,
  3. Appreciate the quick response, thank you.
  4. One additional thought regarding the PDF annotation issue: I personally would not mind if PDF annotation remained strictly with Evernote, if two critical features were brought back. The PDF annotation in Skitch 2.5 did both of these beautifully. They are: 1. When viewing a PDF and clicking on the annotate button, the PDF document *must remain on the same page*. Skitch did this beautifully. As you know, evernote's PDF annotation features will always open the PDF to the first page. When working with anything other than a document of a few pages in length, this makes the evernote PDF markup features all but unusable. 2. The PDF annotation summary feature. I thought this was an incredible feature of Skitch's PDF marking tools. I used it constantly. Is there any reason why this couldn't be incorporated into Evernote's PDF markup features? Thanks for your consideration.
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