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  1. +1 for Headings/Outlining. This is an essential feature.
  2. I'm currently working on several home improvement projects. I have a notebook with notes in it for each project. I take some photos of the starting state (garage, backyard, frontyard, etc) - then drag and drop the full resolution photo into the evernote notebook. The photo is huge and kind of of unwieldly - it would be nice to be able to drop a smaller image in (a thumbnail) that would have a link to the high resolution photo (or even better, display the full resolution photo on mouseover). Is there anyway to do this?
  3. +1 On this feature request. It would be really awesome to be able to add borders & drop shadows. Specifically for this workflow: When doing home improvement projects, I create a new note, take some pictures of what things look like now - copy the pictures into skitch, resize them, drop them in the evernote notebook. They would look much nice in the notebook if I was able to put a border & dropshadow around them. And improvement to this feature request would be an automatic "thumbnail" generator: 1. Copy a full-resolution picture into skitch 2. Have an option for "generate thumbnail" 3. Select options (border/dropshadow/sizing) 4. Skitch would generate the thumbnail image and the HTML for a link to the original high resolution image. 5. Copy and paste image w/ HTML into evernote notebook.
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