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  1. Hi GBarry, 1) Sending note emails into EN disappeared for ages, an occurring problem for many users. I'd sent in same experience post in October not solved and posted again early December of sending notes into EN account not being received at all or it took days to suddenly appear. After receiving your reply on 11th Dec I did a test mail into EN again yesterday 14th Dec and it showed up in the Notebook this morning. Hope that this function continues into the NewYear and beyond:-). 2)The second issue was attempt to Share a Note, on the dashboard you have the option to email this using; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Link. Clicking on the email icon a message shows of importing Gmail contacts, followed the instructions on my PC but the e-mailed note never arrived to receivers inbox. After days I noticed on my Smartphone it suddenly showed up in my 'concept' box (?). Deleted the files and annoyed at the time I'd gave it a try to share a note sent from Samsung Note 2 and it did. Haven't shared another file yet from my PC, it is however a strange synchronization and not exactly a solved issue. Hope the above information clarifies my earlier posts and questions #21 #22. Reading through responses posted earlier and later, it made me just wonder if it's a synchronization 'sync' problem or a server, why would EN email and notes disappear for days or not show at all or even get mixed between PC and mobile use. Season Greetings, wish you well.
  2. Hi GrumpyMonkey, Am not sure what is solved, my first post was problems sending emails to Evernote account, it took ages before ''one' showed up the rest still missing?? In general sync happens instantly, so I have no reason to assume that this might cause delay or missing emails. Just now tried to email out an Evernote file with Gmail option, it was impossible to send out to multiple addressees using either ; or , so sent them seperately and they "disappeared". There's no tracking mode to see what happens sending nor receiving, I copied to myself and received nothing in my inbox through Evernote . Any suggestions?
  3. I noticed the first mention of "Problems with sending emails" (receiving in Evernote) was posted in January, however it is now October and I have this problem still. What causes the problem, is it fixed yet?
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