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  1. New fonts

    How do I get the old fonts back to the way they were before today's update?
  2. windows link behavior

    All better. Must have had something to do with how EN was closed. Closed and reopened and OK now. Thanks.
  3. windows link behavior

    Changing that should change something but I'm not noting any difference. I can see the browser opening the link in a somewhat shaded area behind EN. Strange.
  4. windows link behavior

    Many of my notes are links. I first thought there was no action as I didn't manually move to my browser. Additionally even an update check didn't reveal the no new updates messages until I minimized EN.
  5. windows link behavior

    Starting after today's update clicking a link in EN sends the browser there but in the background with no change in focus (to the browser). Can the old action be restored?
  6. I can either have two elephant icons or one ugly Windows icon not just the single elepant icon as was the case previously.
  7. On Kindle Fire I have v.4.2.1 and see that 4.3 is available but attempt to update fails. (you can see a skipped screen flash by)