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  1. @xdelplanque thanks very much for the prompt reply! You are absolutely correct. this note I am having problems with is marked as having unsupported formatting. Oddly, this note is a short simple text only note, but a cut & paste as plain text solved my problem. Chalk this one up to user-error. thank you!
  2. It strikes me that the new editing feature is unnecessarily complicated and hardly "simplified". Why create yet another window that edits one line at a time, when we already have a perfectly good way to select where you want to insert edits: the cursor! Its already hard enough to keep on your screen the context of the entire note when editing because of the keyboard that pops up and covers half the screen. this new window makes this problem even worse. This new feature also makes it unnecessarily complicated to edit lists such as grocery lists as you have to click several times just to move around. Finally, the editor also does not seem to support the "check box". why? You guys have a great product here. please don't overthink it and try to do too much. you are killing what should be a simple tool.
  3. What happened to the editing feature on evernote android? After what appears to be an update, they have taken an already small editing window and made it even smaller by cutting it in half! not to mention formatting like "check boxes" appear to be unsupported. Not sure who's idea it was to make it impossible to edit notes on a small screen (and I have an s3!) but make it stop! undo this update please!!!
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