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  1. Hi - there is no great solution for this - yet.

    But what I discovered (I have the Kindle for iPad app) yesterday was that there is a dedicated page on Amazon for your note clippings. It's at kindle.amazon.com and sign in with your Amazon a/c.

    Go to My Books/[Click on a book] /Click on "View your notes and highlights" button, and all your clippings and notes come up. You can copy and paste them into Evernote.

    I think this is currently the best solution for iPad. There's a bit of editing to do: but it's not too bad and at least you can copy and paste the raw material in one hit.



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  2. Agreed - annoying! Let's hope it comes back soon. That was a great feature of the previous incarnation.

    For example, I have a "to do" notebook and I want to filter it by "Now" and "Project name" (as per The Secret Weapon - thesectretweapon.net). I used to be able to do that easily and it made sorting out my to do list on a train journey a breeze.

    Now, with muliptle tags being harder it will be less of a breeze.

    I'll use the workaround - thanks for that - but hope this ability is reintroduced. :-)

    I'll look for a "feature request" list around here and add my vote.



  3. Hi Everyone

    If you like GTD and you like Evernote, then RUN DON'T WALK to check out The Secret Weapon.

    I am a long time lover of GTD and EN, and when I found TSW - 2-3 months ago - I had it implemented in around 3 hours.

    I moved all my current notes into a new notebook which I called: "Filing". Then I implemented GTD using the exact Secret Weapon method.

    Its just stunning.

    It's not only effective, it's a joy to use - which means that you use it!

    Highly recommended. It is so easy to implement and to maintain.

    Try it!


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