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  1. Agreed - annoying! Let's hope it comes back soon. That was a great feature of the previous incarnation. For example, I have a "to do" notebook and I want to filter it by "Now" and "Project name" (as per The Secret Weapon - thesectretweapon.net). I used to be able to do that easily and it made sorting out my to do list on a train journey a breeze. Now, with muliptle tags being harder it will be less of a breeze. I'll use the workaround - thanks for that - but hope this ability is reintroduced. :-) I'll look for a "feature request" list around here and add my vote. Cheers! Malc
  2. Hi Everyone If you like GTD and you like Evernote, then RUN DON'T WALK to check out The Secret Weapon. I am a long time lover of GTD and EN, and when I found TSW - 2-3 months ago - I had it implemented in around 3 hours. I moved all my current notes into a new notebook which I called: "Filing". Then I implemented GTD using the exact Secret Weapon method. Its just stunning. It's not only effective, it's a joy to use - which means that you use it! Highly recommended. It is so easy to implement and to maintain. Try it! Malc
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