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  1. Thank you Jeff. I think a lot of us can benefit from your suggestion. I've tried a number of different setups to make this work but for some reason this simple idea never occurred to me, So now I have set up top level tags for my different areas and it is working nicely. I made them in all caps, bold and in red to stand out. Filing tags are under a tag called "_FILE CABINET" and my whole current set of tags are under that. (underscore so it is at the top of the list) Other top level tags I've added are "BUSINESS", "RESEARCH", and "HEALTH EXERCISE & NUTRITION". I will probably e
  2. I can see a number of reasons why you want this. If I have a notebook that is strictly used for business for instance, why do i need (or want) to have my tag list view for that notebook show all my non business related tags? This is one situation that is an issue for me. Another is that I would like to use EN in unrelated ways that have completely separate systems of tagging. I use EN now mainly as a filing system and I (finally) have a nice clean and simple system of tags that works great for that. I would love to use EN for research as well, but I'm not willing to clutter up my cur
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