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  1. Is there any alternative to evernote that can cope with 30gb of structured notes, and also has a version of web clipper? I don't plan to move - but need to be looking in case EN's plans don't work out - good interview:
  2. Thank you gazumped. I hope Evernote will fix these issues. Although perhaps users (like me) with 25gb of notes are edge cases, and it's not cost effective for evernote to support their needs?
  3. Hi gazumped - thank you for replying. Please can you clarify: Only the evernote legacy (that I have installed) still creates a .exb? Does EN10 create a .exb? No? Does EN10 allow me to export notebooks as ENEX? Thank you - I've not been keeping up with all the evernote changes - and now I'm getting lost / worried.
  4. I'm a Premium user. Please can someone tell me how to find and download the enex file in 10.3.7? (is enex the name of the large file with all of my evernote files / data in it?) Evernote seems to be broken? When this happens I usually back up the enex and reinstall Evernote. Does Evernote still place an enex file on the local computer? I've been using evernote for 10 years, and have 32000 notes on it... ================ The solution - I was thinking of the .exb file - which I found under C:\Users\ username \Evernote\Databases
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