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  1. I think this has now been fixed in the latest update. If I'm right... thanks Evernote!
  2. Hi Jeff, I know the developers have been notified, but I found it interesting that the advice issued by Support does not reflect this. Many thanks for the time you take replying to lots of these posts.
  3. I've flagged this bug with Evernote Support. After re-installing the software as requested, the bug is still there. Support says of re-installing Evernote: "Let me know if this does not solve the issue. I will be happy to pass this issue to our Development Team!"
  4. For what it's worth... I get this "Tag search not working on Windows desktop version" bug, too - it's annoying / frustrating. And Evernote have known about it since October? I also agree with JBenson2: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42921-tag-search-not-working-on-windows-desktop-version/page-2#entry248260 "Evernote's search capability (hesitancy, speed, UI, and overall results) have taken a significant step backwards." - especially on Android. If anyone from Evernote is reading this, please fix the tag bug if you can. Many thanks.
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