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  1. I have written an App store review that is probably over 2,000 words. As a long term paying customer who is single handedly responsible for at least 25 people using Evernote, I am beyond infuriated. The idea that you would simply strip the program of basic functionality is unacceptable. I should have seen this coming with the monochome icons that are an absolute nightmare for visually disabled customers. What if Microsoft just removed all the toolbars and icons from the program window? But you know what's most infuriating? That there is no explanation coming from any of you about this - no explanation at all - there's no "we're doing it this way because it's better" there's no "that may be a minus but here's how we compensated for it" -- instead you just removed functionality with huge brush strokes. You have no right taking our money and pulling back the software's ability in such enormity. It's unacceptable and you have no business pushing this software on the public... You put it into beta and 2 weeks later it's in the App store? And by the way, you're downloading my data in zip format, which means you're changing the data I send you and not necessarily preserving it. How do I know this? Because when I downloaded 4,000 notes the program "external records writer" crashed several hundred times. It was because I changed my default archive opening program to TheUnarchiver.. .But with tens of thousands of users, nobody has a clue. When I switched back to Archive Utility, the 4,000 notes only produced a few dozen crashes - not that Evernote would care about my data enough to tell me what notes might be corrupt... And support personnel haven't the first clue about what external records writer could possibly have to do with their program... NOBODY else uses an alternate file decompression program? This has the stink of cheap unqualified outsourced Asian labor all over it. First an absolute devastation of Sktich 2.0 for Mac and now decimation of Evernote. Nobody is canceling their subscriptions because the next program upgrade doesn't come fast enough----so really, what in the world are you people thinking? We are paying you to store our data and we need your program to read our data, you can't just cut the interface by 80%! Now I find out that when I try to migrate away from Evernote to DevonNote, it is documented that there was a bug introduced into the API in version 3.3 that was never fixed, presumably doesn't exist in 5.0. I've already downgraded to 3.3 twice, but now I need to downgrade to 3.2. So, I need to download version 3.2, but on that site with the link for 3.3, the 3.2 download is corrupted. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of 3.2? Because my technical data house is on fire with this horrible software company and I need to get out as fast as humanly possible. PLEASE tell me how to find 3.2 as soon as possible.
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