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  1. Hello there, this thread is quite old, but I am in a similar situation, so I would like to add another possible solution which I just tested. I was looking for a way to have a diary which I can sync between an iPhone and a desktop app. (I dont have an iPad, and I am using a Mac for the desktop part.) Most importantly, I was looking for a way to manage short notes with tags in a bi-directional way. And I think I just found a very nice solution for that, finally. Awesome Note is an iOS app, which can sync with Evernote. It has a very nice interface, and the app just "feels" very mature and well thought through. Its not very minimalistic, but thats just one more reason why it goes well with Evernote, I think. Regarding the feature requirements which I listed above: * it can sync with Evernote * one can use the same tags in Evernote and in Awesome Note * sync is two way: if you create a note in one of the Aweseome Notes folders via Evernote (e.g. on the desktop), then it is synced back to Awesome Note on the iPhone. * Aweseome Note provides a very nice way to filter by tag Also of note, is that there is a free version which supportes all of these features, but is limited to 10 notes (thats what I just tried.) And there is a HD version optimised for the iPad. Here it is on iTunes: https://itunes.apple...d558781019?mt=8 And here is the homepage: http://bridworks.com.../main/index.php I hope that I can help somebody save a lot of time by posting this
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