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  1. this seems to happen with every single upgrade. i have gone thru this at least 3 times in the last 6 months. the most recent one isnt fixed with any of the above. so i guess i will probably hear the standard reply "revert back to the previous version." Yay - the tool i rely on to save me time, has me chasing my tail, wasting time, to get it to work - every time it gets "upgraded."
  2. I agree with the poster that this is a pretty basic intuitive part of search that should be happening seemlessly for the user. My brain doesnt have to remember it was in a filename and is more interested in the content than the classification. Evernote can and should do this. Other search utilities do the same (including the search you run for files on any windows pc). Any software misses a few basic things and eventually the good ones go back and fill in the gap. Evernote is awesome and I am sure they'll go back and get this one that was missed.
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