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  1. Same issue here although we use Evernote Business at school. This is over 500 accounts so a lot of $$$$. Students can no longer annotate PDFs. Icon is grayed out. Mission critical!
  2. We use Evernote Business at our school with our iPad program. Sometimes students also need to edit their notes on a Macintosh running 10.9.7 in either the computer lab or in a classroom computer. We have found that students could not edit an existing note inside of a shared notebook unless we switched them to the beta version. We used Safari and Chrome and had the same results. In order to get the student to be able to edit the note, I left them in the beta version. Is this a known issue or just part of the beta debugging? Obviously, having the ability to edit a note in the current web setup would be better then having to switch to the beta in order to edit the note.
  3. While I can understand your desire for an educational discount, sometimes part of the key to being a 100 year company is having the income to support such a venture. IDK why it was discontinued. But ROI may have been a factor. It is much more then desire when we have a contractual agreement for a set price and then without any notice, it goes away. They can not have it both ways. If ROI is the issue, then something less then a %400 increase for schools may have been needed. If they really needed a %400 increase, then it is best to get out now as clearly there are larger issues at play here. We are now faced with letting students, teachers, and parents drop using Evernote as we can not afford $4,000.00 a month. Good luck with maintaining the growth Evernote. This does not seem like the Evernote I grew to love for their future looking type company. I had counted on them being different. I think there will be a backlash against them for this increase. I have also promoted Evernote to not be used for free as way too many schools push. I like to pay for services but clearly can no longer afford Evernote. I am more sad then mad.
  4. Here is hoping the Phil and the Evernote team realize the opportunity to continue to work with schools at a discounted rate. We use it with teachers, students and promoted it to parents. It will be a shame if we have to stop as even though we pay about $1,000.00 a month for just under 500 users, from what I can tell going to Evernote Business will double that making it out of reach as while important to us, it may not be mission critical as we are a Google Apps school as well. Getting users using your services when young has been proven to be a method for building brand loyalty so please do not overlook the opportunity. Carefully consider the long 100 year company plan before eliminating the education discount forever.
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