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  1. After quiting Evernote i loged in to Windows as an Administrator. There I started Evernote (not logged in to Evernote) and did a "Check for updates" under Help. I got (307353) Prerelease (CE Build ce-47.0.5287) and had to reboot, due to Outlook being started in the other Windows sesion. To the developers: Are you trying to force users to have Evernote for Windows integrate with other apps? Could we please be able to choose to use Evernote as a standalone app? After reboot, I loged first in as a Windows Administrator and checked the version numer on Evernote. It was updeted! :-) Then I signed out from that Windows Admin-account and loged in to my normal Windows User account. Evernote did not start. Tried multiple times, and the app did nothing when I clicked on the icon. I then tried to "Run as administrator", and that worked. After som startup work, I got to an empty Evernote and I checked that the version number was correct and up to date. To get to my data I had to close Evernote and start it again, this time _not_ using "Run as Administrator" option. To the developers: Could you please make Evernote for Windows run smooth for "non administrator Windows users"?
  2. I think Evernote should be able to choose if their product has the one or other option enabled as default. But when a user goes to the length of disabeling an option, then Evernote should ohnor this when they release an update. To get less angry or disappointed customers, maby Evernote should give users betrer options on install? Ask if the user want the default install, or advanced. When the user choose advanced, they could be givern option to not install plugins for Outlook, not install optional items for browsers, etc.
  3. After updating to this bug seems to have been solved. On my Windows-install, the "Left panel" no longer colapses back, after I drill down to sub-notes. Thanx for fixing this, Evernote Developers! And thanx you for verifying the bug when I posted a support ticket. That kept users from formating, re-installing Windows, etc.
  4. Just installed (307027) Public on Windows, to find Evernote Search results show up when I search the Internet using Google. I've disalbed this feature or option in WebClipper add on before. Why would Evernote enable it, when I update to a new version of Evernote for Windows? Is it posible to keep this setting, in the next update, please?
  5. Yes, I use the latest v6.11.7027 Knowing that other users is experiensing the "Left panel closing"-ussie, I did post a support ticket. The reply contains this: Almost two month later... Thanx to @mbal1856 and @jjocsak for your help. Hopefully other who seek answer to this bug will find info, here (y).
  6. I understand that not all users will find this important, but I do. If Evernote for Windows is installed for "all users", the current loged in user for a Windows desktop is presistent even after Evernote is uninstalled. Even if I try, I can not find this to be a secure way to handle log-ins. In my opinion, a user should be loged out of Evernote if the software is uninstalled. Does anyone agree?
  7. Thank you for your reply. Other aplications does not seem to have this issue. Is it posible that the integrating features (like Outlook Plugin) is the reson for this? For me, I do not want Evernote to integrate into my Windows system. I want to use it as a standalone app, being as secure it can. When there is a security issue, everyone must update, yes? Quickly, right? Evernote Developers: Please make it as easy as posible to maintain and update you're software!
  8. I wonder why you are not experiencing this. Are you using Windows 10? Are you running as a Windows User, not Administrator? If I "tree down" the Tags or Shared, they tend to stay down, even after Evernote for Windows do it's Sync. But the Notebooks does not. I thank the other users who confirm that this issue is not only mine, and I've submitted support ticket #2468147 as a bug report. It is frustraiting that it takes this long time and no one at Evernote seems to take charge. Are the developers not looging to the forums to find issues with their software?
  9. When you say "you" ??? @hochbar made the post on February 7 - If you need answer to what version, maybe it was the current version on that date? @gazumped: You state in your signature that you work with latest Evernote betas. Are you supporting the development? It would be nice if the developers would fix simple issues with the software that users are paying money to use. We are not taking the time to complain in this forum to be better then any one else. We are not taking the time to be the best forum user and do study and learn how to do everyghing in the best way posible. Meny of us only want to help the Evernote Developers to fix issues and ask for features. If Evernote do not want that kind of feedback, please close the forum or ban users like me.
  10. Thank you! Now I know that this issue might only occure to me. That was helpfull!
  11. No, I do not have Scroll left... selected. But I do have "Left Panel (F10)" open, and I use the small arrows to drill down to the Notebook I am currently working in. The notebook is selected and I see all the notes in the Notebook listed in the "Note List (F11)". I click on the Note I want to work on and start writing. When Evernote (now updated to v6.10.3.6921) do a sync (I think), the "Left Panel" is colapsing and is no longer showing me the tree-structure and no longer show my selected Notebook. This problem startad some time ago, this year, and was not there before. Is it posible for Evernote developers to reproduce this? Is it a known bug? Are you currently working on fixing this problem?
  12. Some times (not all the time) when I doubleclick a word within a scentence and do a Paste (ctrl+v), Evernote is removing the space in front of the selected word. Is this a known issue, or have other Windows user experienced similar? Maybe it will happen more often if I copy text containing a forword slash (/) like this: time/date If I copy the text "time/date", doubleclick a word (or a few words) within a sentence on a note, ctrl+v will paste and remove the space in front.
  13. No, it is not the Note Panel, but the Left Panel (F10) I tend to "tree" down and stand on the folder I'm working in. Or for Evernote: The Notebook I'm working in. There I see all the notes in that Notebook, but after a few seconds, the Left Panel (F10) is automatically colapsed back. I'v updated to v6.10.1.6801 (306801) and it did not change or solve this problem.
  14. +1 I experience problems keeping the cursor where it supposed. Often the cursor is in the end of the note, without me putting it there. Other times, the cursor is no longer there, making me have to klick in the page one more time. It was not a problem before, and occure with one of the updates.
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