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  1. Drag the item from the toolbar into the toolbar customization window and it will disappear in a "poof".
  2. Latest updates of everything, on iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air.
  3. I am having serious problems with my Evernote iOS. I can often not move the cursor. I am a heavy iOS user and I definitely know how to move a cursor on a screen. However, in Evernote, the cursor often refuses to move and if it does, it may jump to the wrong place. Between it's refusal to select, copy and paste most of the time and this cursor problem, Evernote is crippled as a serious note taker. Please advise a workaround for the cursor bug until you (hopefully soon) get this bug squashed. I do not expect this type of quality when I am paying for this product.
  4. This is still happening and it makes Evernote for iOS very difficult to use. Not cool for paying users who rely heavily on Evernote for many work-related functions.
  5. Evernote web clipping only working on Evernote site on Safari. All updates completed. Tried re-installing. No help. I depend on Evernote web clipping heavily for my business that is why I pay for Premium. Please fix.
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