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  1. Thanks for sharing your ticket #. I've escalated your issue in the queue. You should be contacted shortly via email.
  2. Create a support ticket and message back the ticket #.
  3. If you message back your ticket # I'd be happy to investigate. In the meantime, you can start on the first steps of deleting your Evernote accout: Deactivating your account basically means you are turning off your account access. Note that Evernote doesn’t automatically delete your notes when you deactivate your account. Unless you take the steps to completely remove email address and username (see step 4), you will be able to reactivate your inactive account by logging in with your old username and/or email address and password and following the instructions for reactivation. 1) Cancel your Evernote Premium subscription. If you are paying for Evernote Premium, you will need to cancel your subscription via the service through which you subscribed. See full details about managing your subscription in this article. 2) Export your notes. You can export your notes as HTML or XML files by following the steps in this article. 3) Delete all your notes. Open your notes list, select all notes and delete them, then select the Trash and Empty the Trash. We do not keep your information on file once you have deleted it from the system. Any data you choose to keep is your choice, for any future access should you decide to reactivate. NOTE: Evernote doesn't automatically delete your notes when you deactivate your account, so you will need to take this step if you want to completely delete your account from Evernote’s systems. Once you've gone through these deactivation steps, you can request the Evernote Support team to completely remove email address and username.
  4. Are you downloading your Evernote Mac desktop version from the Mac Store or the Evernote website?
  5. I'm not able to replicate this on the newest version of Evernote for Mac desktop. You can download 5.6.1 Beta 1 here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/70881-evernote-for-mac-562-beta-1/
  6. We’re applying our machine learning and augmented intelligence expertise to present you with all three research phases automatically, at the moment you need them, without ever leaving your workspace. As you work, Evernote is automatically looking for other information and content that might help you connect the dots/see the big picture. This content can take the form of other notes, people you might talk to or even relevant news sources. In Evernote, every phrase informs our algorithms about what other content might help you further your project. We call this Context. It’s an extremely powerful new Premium feature coming soon to Evernote. Privacy protected All of this happens entirely within Evernote. Our Augmented Intelligence features like Context are focused on improving your personal experience with Evernote. None of your personal information is ever shared with a third party. You + Evernote We’re building the first workspace that grows with you and improves your output. It’s Evernote, together with experts from around the world, helping you do the best work of your life. These features are coming to our major platforms very soon. Learn more about what you can do with your knowledge, your team's knowledge, your network, and professionals at the Evernote blog.
  7. To set up Touch ID as an optional way to unlock your Evernote, your device must support Touch ID (for example, iPhone 5S) and you must be a Premium subscriber. To enable Touch ID for Evernote: Tap your account name, then tap ‘Premium’ from the menu options, enable 'Passcode Lock', then enable 'Unlock with Touch ID'. You have the option of setting a time frame in which Evernote remains unlocked. Note: Touch ID also requires you to create a numerical password.
  8. If you send over your support ticket # I'd be happy to investigate your issue!
  9. To clarify, the support tickets created and shared from this post were very helpful for our developers investigation of the issue. I think we may have solved the mystery. If you keep pressing the “Send verification email”, it’s no surprise that it keeps sending you emails. The button is there to send you an email. In order to verify your address you need to click the big green button in the email. Once you do that, you should not be asked to verify it again. Any ticket #s requested are escalated manually and reviewed by the support team. A closed ticket does not necessarily mean that your issue was not reviewed, but that we may not need further information for the bug.
  10. I would suggest contacting the Evernote Support team for assistance. In the ticket, please include any potential email addresses, information on upgrading to iOS 8, and your activity log. Feel free to message back your ticket # for further review.
  11. Try running the update again and let us know if you are still having this issue!
  12. Tested this out and was able to find all scanned Business Cards by creating a custom search "from mobile" and "containing an attachment" - though this could come up with extra stuff that isn't just business cards. Hope this helps
  13. Great Question! This is available on desktop browsers, but selected clipping is not available on the new iOS clipper at this time. (The Android clipper allows the option between full page clipping and/or clip URL only.)
  14. You should be able to apply tags to these notes and use the Evernote Search Grammar: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  15. Can you please create a support ticket and message back your ticket #?
  16. An exciting and much requested new feature for Evernote iOS is our new clipping capabilities with iOS 8! To set up you phone or tablet to clip web pages and share app content to Evernote: Sharing Button To add Evernote to the list of sharing options on your device, first tap the iOS sharing button, then follow these steps: Tap the iOS sharing button, then tap More to edit your sharing options. Tap the Evernote switch to add Evernote as a sharing extension and tap Done. Evernote appears in the list of apps your device can share to; Tap and drag Evernote if you'd like to move it to the front of the list. How do I clip and share web pages and content from other supported apps to Evernote? To save or share a web page, audio recording, photo, or any other content on your phone, follow these steps: Open the browser or app you’d like to share content from Tap the iOS sharing button (Chrome: Tap the menu options button on your device and tap the share Evernote option) Tap Evernote Once you've tapped Save, the web page or app content is clipped and shared to Evernote in the background. You have the option of selecting a notebook to save the clipped note to in Evernote. If you do not see Evernote as one of your sharing options, swipe through your apps until you see Evernote. You can tap and drag the Evernote app to the left so you don’t need to scroll to the end of the list. If you don’t see Evernote, make sure you’ve already added Evernote as a sharing extension. Clipping capabilities are available for Safari, Chrome, and other browsers that use the native sharing functionality and give you the option to share. (Note: To share on Chrome, tap three lines, then tap Share…) Learn more about clipping web pages on your mobile device in this Evernote Knowledge Base article https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23193638
  17. Our developers are working for a workaround for this issue that will hopefully be released in our next update, but updating your phone to iPhone 5 or higher would be the best solution. Our product team is working on implementing some changes that should help with some of the Document Camera crashing. We are hoping to have these changes included in upcoming updates.
  18. That is one way You may also create local notebooks on your personal computer: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23196476
  19. Thanks for updating us on this issue. If you are receiving further emails after verifying your email within the 2 hours time span, please contact Evernote Support at www.evernote.com/support. In the support ticket include information such as your device, the amount of verification request received, and an activity log.
  20. This may be pulling from a personal or shared calendar event. To stop these automatic subjects from being created, you will need to disable access between your Evernote app and your calendar.
  21. This is by design. Selecting 'Exit' will keep you logged in and 'Sign out username' will fully log you out of your Evernote account.
  22. Please create a support ticket including your payment receipt at www.evernote.com/support. The Evernote Support team should be able to assist with this issue.
  23. If you have not already, please create a support ticket at www.evernote.com/support and message back your ticket #
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