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  1. Here is the answer I got from Evernote support (upgrade to 6.6 beta, link posted below).
  2. Hi, I'm reinstalling Evernote on a new computer. As part of the process, I installed the ScanSnap software (as I have a ScanSnap that I have successfully been using for about 2 years). Now, when I open Evernote, it prompts me with what seems to be a mandatory wizard that asks me to walk through my auto-file settings, asks me if I have a code for 1 year of free Evernote, and then says prompts me to "Get Started." The problem is, every time I press "Get Started" Evernote crashes, and then I'm back to square 1, with it forcing me to go through the Wizard. As of now, I basically can't use the Evernote client because I'm being forced through the wizard every time. My question is: is there a way I can get Evernote to stop showing me the wizard? Also worth noting: - I was able to connect my computer to the Scanner and successfully walk through the wizard once, but then the next time I opened Evernote the wizard came back!
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