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  1. After updating Evernote recently, I've noticed that it triggers the problem described here: http://www.slipstick.com/problems/after-viewing-outlooks-outbox-the-messages-in-it-wont-send Certain MS Outlook COM Add-Ins will cause the "mark messages in Outbox as read, won't send" issue described above. Environment: Windows 8 (MS Surface Pro 3)Outlook 2007Evernote have a personal Evernote about this topic, here. See update at bottom of note. http://www.evernote.com/l/ABuywD32u9xEdZg4ASDzGJFzDJKP5KNsK_U
  2. Well, Pamuder, it's a year later but you can take comfort in the fact that I feel the same way you do about this topic, and started my own post about it, http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43964-feature-req-cmdctrls-sync/ Actually I've felt the same way for a few years. But I see we have no chance on this one. It shows that people use Evernote different ways. If everybody was a Windows Premium user focussed on sharing their notes with clients via the cloud, and wanting to be sure that their last-second note edits were synced before those clients got to those just-shared notes, they might have a higher likelihood of feeling the way I do.
  3. Windows users have long been accustomed to using Ctrl+S to Save the contents of their documents when in editing mode. Of course, this function is not necessary when using a database software like Evernote. However, there is a highly related application for Ctrl+S that would provide a subtle productivity benefit to a number of users. As I use Evernote I often share my note for clients and stakeholders to view online. After sharing I may choose to update my note's content, in which case I have to be sure to Sync in order to "save" the latest updates to the online version. I constantly find myself reaching for Ctrl+S to "Save" my changes to the cloud. How helpful it would be if Evernote used that shortcut (in addition to F9) to Sync the contents of any note that was already shared.
  4. I think CustomNote looks great but I can't say that it's safe. Check out this scary security issue. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s27/sh/b765542b-3304-4c79-8097-4cd4210b5f04/91d7d63cc44e823ffd96198b9e7b5604?noteKey=91d7d63cc44e823ffd96198b9e7b5604&noteGuid=b765542b-3304-4c79-8097-4cd4210b5f04
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