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  1. Man. That’s great news. Thanks! Hopefuly the fix comes soon.
  2. Nah, It was available on card view since forever. It’s available on iOS too. Hope this gets finally fixed.
  3. Notes are being grouped by date. Months are not showing as Group headers.
  4. The templates function is genius. Headers for groups are still missing. I've been reporting this issue since 7.0 ?‍♂️
  5. When Show notes in groups is selected on the view options, notes indeed appear grouped, but the group name is not shown (ie: Dates like March 2018 as the group title).
  6. This is still an issue for me. Running latest versions in two different iMacs.
  7. When Show notes in groups is selected on the view options, notes indeed appear grouped, but the group name is not shown (ie: Dates like March 2018 as the group title).
  8. Quite the opossite. The idea is to be able to annotate PDFs and images with penultimate’s ink. And skitch’s stamps, arrows, text and resizing abilities all combined into one single UI.
  9. Yeah, I currently use GoodNotes. It’s not a straightforward or elegant solution but works. This request leans towards that. A more streamlined workflow. Since Evernote is all about that (or at least is what their marketing makes me believe).
  10. I know, I know, this is the dream. I’ve been requesting this since EN acquired Penultimate. As of right now there are 2 different interfaces for inking and annotation. Inking (or sketching) uses a similar engine as penultimate, and annotation uses the skitch interface. It would be INSANELY great and useful if the inking engine replaced the skitch pen an marker, its way better and sometimes you need to scribble on an image or sign a PDF. And on the sketching side, it would also be useful to implement some of the features of the skitch annotation UI: like stamps, text, arrows, and cropping. So if these two separate UIs merged, we could have a unified user experience, and way better annotation capabilities. Not trying to light a fire here but iOS Notes app already does this with markup and sketching.
  11. Concuerdo con DTLow... Si necesitas mayor estilo y formateado para tus trabajos, creo que lo mejor es usar un editor de texto dedicado I agree with DTLow... If what you need is better style and formatting for your work, I think you should opt for using a text editor instead
  12. Bug: Changes in tags on a note were not saving the first time I opened Evernote. I had to restart it to regain functionallity New table functionality is fantastic!!!!. Let's hope all that formatting can translate to presentation mode. Would you think asking for basic formulas is too much? (a man can only dream)
  13. Totally agree on this... The saturation and color balance in this process washes out the quality completely, please fix this
  14. Yes. context is activated on EN with all it's sources including LinkedIn and EN business. I tried to write the names of some people I know I have on my LinkedIn account in a new note and threw in some text to help evernote search for them such as company name but nothing shows up. I even tried saving an article from the next web which includes names of important people to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter but again nothing showed up.
  15. Even though I explicitly wrote the names of my contacts on linkedin just to try the new feature, they are not showing up. Is this supposed to happen?
  16. Just joined the beta team =) AWESOME!

  17. Absolutely more than happy to share my feedback to you guys. As an architect I have to annotate a lot of PDFs, from contracts, to minutes, to building plans. (all shared in evernote notebooks to all my team) In the last case I heavily rely on the free drawing tool (or pencil) cause I actually draw on the building plans for revision meetings. The key modifier you mentioned is pretty handy when using this tool, since some times you need to draw straight lines. (also this is where penultimate's ink engine comes to the spotlight) In the case of the marker tool I think its preferable to constrain it just to text (in PDFs only of course) since its the main purpose of it But also as a regular person I tend to annotate product manuals, receipts, images, and all sorts of info. so in those cases a free marker (or highliter) tool is also welcome I would strongly suggest you to check out how iBooks handles eBook annotation with underline, stroke and highlight tools (constrained to text) and how Noteshelf or Bamboo Paper handle the free highlighter. in the case of iOS, the "key" modifier or input method to constrain a free tool into a straight line can be as simple as touching the screen with a second finger while you are tracing the line. So... to sum all this up 1) Marker restricted to text in PDFs 2) Posibility to not just highlight but to underline and stroke 3) Ability to draw straight lines with the drawing tool with a modifier key or second touch 4) Posibility to integrate penultimate's amazing ink engine into the drawing tool My 2 cents, hope this is useful to you and if any other user out here wants to share would be interesting
  18. Just as any other pdf annotation application, would be awesome to truly select the text with the marker tool and not just doodle on top of it or just add this as a separate tool to preserve the original one and also be able to freely highlight stuff. And also would be reeaaaally nice if you could integrate the ink engine from penultimate into the drawing tool, it would make annotation suuper good looking. I think with the implementations of these tweaks the power of PDF annotation within skitch would make it the favorite app of many!
  19. Just love the update. You guys made me reinstall penultimate!!!! (I'm now a noteshelf heavy user). But it can be even better, i'll be quick. Pencils Highliters Custom tip sizes Custom colors Pinch to zoom Free rotation images Ability to tag our notes (evernote integration???) Change cover colors (or customizable covers with our own images) Folders Folders!!!! I guess that's all hehe Thanks for listening
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