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  1. Interesting. Many of their "smart" text editor features end up being buggy or at least not working intuitively.
  2. Indeed. Regression Testing a lot nicer when the vendor does it, but that's what "they" have "us" for! I've seen scripted, automated backup. I wonder if EN has any cross-platform unit test (editor quirks for example)
  3. Thanks @DTLow for the link to Cronofy, trying it out now...
  4. IMO Closing the thread is fine, as long as it remains online & searchable so that these issues can be "regression-tested" (as it were) vs. the new version
  5. It always gets me a better response from support if I can document the exact steps they need to take to consistently reproduce the issue. @mlenaghanit sounds like you are having sync problems often enough and consistently enough that you could do this? When troubleshooting note conflicts like this, it helps to know that the Web interface accesses the server database "directly", whereas the Mac and iOS clients sync their local data with the server. Therefore, when reproducing the problem, try making the change in a client, doing a sync, and then view the note in the Web interface to prove that your change sync'd. Then do the other steps that result in a conflict when there shouldn't be one. I agree that first level support will likely not be helpful. Most of what they do is scripted. But if you give them a reproducible bug, it increases the chances that the case will get the attention of someone who can investigate for real. In extreme cases, you can even make a video of yourself reproducing the error. Of course, that's a lot of work for no guarantee that your bug will be addressed. Again, this might be more than you're willing to do at this point! But if you decide to dive back in to this problem, hopefully these tips will help.
  6. This would be *great* to have but the devil is in the details...if a daily task scheduled for let's say 9 pm is executed (finished) at 1 am, do you want the repeat to remind you exactly 24 hr later (at 1 am)? Or at 9pm on the next calendar day (only 21 hours after it was completed)? You can imagine a bunch of varying scenarios for weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc., etc. that are hard to implement in a way that will please most people without being too complex. Maybe a better way is to just expose an API for task scheduling, and let people code their own rules (or use 3rd party helper apps like Filterize) for repeating/postponing/rescheduling tasks.
  7. One thing to think about is ease of editing. Here a larger screen can make a big difference if you are having trouble touching the "magic spot" that will correct the typo or whatever, without causing un-wanted side effects. For example, if you are trying to paste at a certain exact spot it can be difficult positioning the cursor where it needs to be.
  8. There are third party apps that will do this, but, they are a significant security risk as they have access to everything you type and view, not just Evernote and the stuff you type into it. For a note-taking app, a date time stamp seems like a no-brainer.
  9. My $0.02: When I started with Evernote I used to get excited about troubleshooting sync problems, trying to narrow them down in hopes of getting a readily reproducible bug. I gave up on that because there are too many variables, too many different sources of sync problems, and support is of no help getting to the root cause. Just when you think you have a problem isolated and reproducible, the pattern changes, or the problem goes away. Also, the developers rarely act on an isolated, reproducible bug anyways.
  10. How are your other saved searches working? I've been seen a re-occurrence of a long-standing program I call stale search results. Classic case is you remove or change some note tags that should cause the notes to disappear from a commonly used saved search...but they still appear! I'll re-examine the notes to confirm the tag I removed is indeed gone...then re-do the search...they still appear. The problem sometimes can be fixed by restarting your app/client, power-cycling your hardware (phone/computer) but sometimes you just have to wait until the stale search results finally update. If that seems like what you're seeing, EN has long promised a fix but has yet to deliver. Here are examples, some may be relevant to you: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132275-notes-not-showing-in-search/ https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/135952-list-of-features-that-do-work-me-in-the-new-youngimmature-en/?do=findComment&comment=617944 https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/135932-i-can-not-find-my-note/ Search on 'stale search results' or 'search broken' or 'missing from search' etc. you'll find plenty more.
  11. If it persists, consider reporting it at Evernote down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector ?
  12. Can you tell us which client and version you're using so the mods can move this post out of the General forum? Screenshots would be helpful too. I don't use the Web interface to EN very often, but almost every time I do I see pop-ups (from EN, not ads) about new features or updates. Separately, there's a notification badge next to "what's new" in the lower left, so these pop-ups are just redundant, annoying clutter. Is that what you're talking about? Maybe the latest EN Win client and Android app have this problem, but I won't know know as I don't use them yet. As for the Mac side...well maybe someday.
  13. @agsteeleMy goal is "delightful processing". Have you found any "delightful" new workflows in the new version?
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