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  1. Thanks for the information. Its great to know multiple users can create tags. I am curious if a Business Notebook can be shared to a Free User and what those limitations may be. We have a limited group of people to start that will need to full power of Evernote Business. I am guessing that the Business Library would not be available to Free Users, but that is a limitation we can work with.
  2. I have been searching for a little bit and am having trouble finding good information on how tags are handled in Evernote Business. Does any user have the ability to create a tag that will be shared with all business users? How about if the notebook is shared with a free user, can the free user create shared business tags? Do these tags show up in a different spot on the Windows UI then personal tags? Thanks for your help, we are debating upgrading to a Business account, I just want to make sure it gives us the capabilities we are looking for.
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