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  1. Hi - I have a simple request to assist with handwriting using the Jot Script. I do not like the auto scroll to the left as it always goes faster than I can write and does not take account of when I stop to think. So I click the anchor to stop the scrolling. Then if I use the app in portrait mode, as it seems to have been designed, I need to manually scroll across the page, which is painful. I much prefer writing in landscape mode but have the same problem with manual scrolling across the page. So I divide the page in to 3 columns with 2 hand-drawn vertical lines and then write in each column using landscape mode just scrolling down the page, which is OK. My request is for a paper that will allow me to work in this way without having the draw the 2 vertical lines by hand on each page. Currently I use the graph paper but would prefer to have the lined paper in the 3 columns. As a secondary request, it would be good to have better support for the notebooks in landscape, but I can live without that if I could just get the paper. Thanks Evernote - hope you are reading this Tony
  2. I am running Lion and Evernote was downloaded from the web site originally and all past updates except the last were direct from the web site. The last update was from the Apple Apps update and this seems to have caused the problem I have. I can scan from ScanSnap to Note or to pdf in Evernote. Both are scanned to the scanned documents folder but only the pdf version is uploaded to Evernote (not OCR'ed as I don't have that set), the Note version is not uploaded. I can still drag from the folder to Evernote and get it in that way but this is an extra step I don't want to do for long. This change definitely occurred from the latest update. I will try downloading the current app from the web site and in future ignoring the Apple Apps update and updating direct from the web site
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