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  1. Same issue here. 10.8.4 using Evernote 5.2.1 Maybe I'm just lazy, but all possible solution seem far too complex or time consuming for the user to deal with. If this is an Evernote bug, they should provide a patch. Thanks everyone who have tried trouble-shooting.
  2. Just wanting to join the discussion and track updates - I'm having the same issue with my Galaxy S3. The multiple shots issues seems to be resolved, but I'm frustrated that the smart stickers are not being recognized. Is this also a known bug?
  3. I'm encountering the similar issues. Also using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not recognizing the smart stickers at all. This is kind of a big deal.It does recognize textI was not aware the app was to crop the image, but I can say mine is not cropped. It is exactly what I shot.Also took 5 shots (4 more than I needed). Couldn't seem to stop the camera from firing.Hope to see a resolution or some directions regarding correct settings, etc. soon. Thanks, Carson
  4. Hi there, Looking to make annotations to a Skitch note, as in earlier versions of Skitch. When will this feature return to Evernote? Thanks, Carson
  5. Important missing features for me (as for others too I'm reading): I need a total note count somewhere. Like in the sidebar where it was originally. Would love to customize the toolbar, adding forward/back and especially a "delete note" icon. Otherwise, very cool improvements. Thanks, Carson
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