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  1. Please help! I tried to sync my notes from my iPad to my laptop - my wifi on my iPad was off (I had forgotten), and I tried to sync first on my iPad, then I clicked sync on my laptop Evernote. I then realised my wifi was off, so I turned it on and went to sync again. When I opened Evernote on my iPad, it had lost all my notes since my last sync (a week ago). I THINK this is because it registered me syncing from my laptop first, so erased any new notes? I am not a premium member and I do not have Time Machine and I'm worried that I have completely lost all my notes from the past week! I have tried to register for technical support, but when I do it just goes to a blank page. On my iPad it keeps saying "Connecting to Evernote Server..." then "Error Connecting to Evernote Server." What do I do?!?!!? I have I permanently lost these notes?! Thank you! (I have restarted my iPad and opened and closed Evernote on both laptop and iPad.)
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