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  1. I received me Moleskin Smart Notebook and am having some trouble.....I am using the iPhone app with a 4S. When using the page camera function, it does not seem to focus (app does not respond to a screen tap to focus); however, if I turn off the page camera, the focus works properly (responds to a screen tap). Anyone else have this problem? If I use a sticker (I programmed the sticker--folder correspondence in the app settings) and page camera, then the app will straighten and crop the Smart Notebook page (but per above will NOT focus properly - the text is just a bit fuzzy). If I do not use a sticker, the App will not crop and straighten the page. Any tricks to getting this to work without a sticker (and same focus problem yet again). So, this is frustrating. I really don't see the need for the constant sticker use and I will likely run out. If I don't use the page camera, I can get properly focused captures, but there is no easy means to crop and straighten. Any suggestions welcome. db
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