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  1. I am on version 8.2.1 - actually have been on 8+ since it was released. The reality is that I still do NOT have 100% offline notebooks. I am a PREMIUM customer but I have STOPPED creating any more tickets or support requests because they all take long time to get a response back and the first response is always the same - send us the report from your device - and they ask for the logs even when you have already included them in the first time.
  2. Guess what today I saw 9 or 10 notes change their Date Modified again, once more I had NOT even touched or opened any of these notes... I also know that I am not going to get a fix for this problem. I am almost certain that other users are going through this issue but they may be not observing this.
  3. I have been observing a similar problem - several of my notes get their "Date Updated" changed BUT I have NOT even touched them. Today morning I opened Evernote on my Mac, and saw 10 notes were updated. Evernote is supposed to help me remember things, BUT it confused the hell out of me... it does this lot of time. I am also a premium member for the last 3 years... and the support turn around is a major pain. I feel Evernote is trying TO DO MANY THINGS NOW - and losing less obvious but critical capabilities. Sync dates and notes when modified are a crucial piece of metadata that Evernote keep
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