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  1. I must add to this discussion and say that unfortunately, I've too have also deleted the iPhone and iPad Evernote apps and am in the process of searching for a different GTD/note solution. Evernote seemed to "have it all". However, with more and more apps including the "webkit access" (Evernote is not the first/only app to do so), this is going to be an ongoing issue. Does anyone know how to make a direct Evernote feature request?
  2. Thanks GrumpyMonkey. Yeah, I use a different note-taking app called NotesPlus, which combines inking and typing, and they have enabled access to the native browser as well. They eventually added a passcode that is set in the app which essentially only allows that feature if you know the passcode. This still allows use of the app without access to that browser. Bummer on Evernote not having that same feature. I love the product and use it in iOS and Windows. It is interesting to me. Some iOS apps that have embedded URLs simply open safari directly (like e-mail for example). This would be a desirable feature for me, because when you tap on the link and safari is restricted, nothing happens. Then, you must copy the link and paste it in your filtered browser to use it. A little bit of a hassle, but worth it to keep the protection in place that we feel as parents is necessary. Thanks again!
  3. For personal reasons, I have my iPad restrictions turned on with the Safari browser app disabled. I use a different browser which provides some parental controls, filtering, monitoring, etc. However, with the evernote iOS app, you can create a new note and insert any URL. This makes available an embedded web browsing capability, which bypasses the filtered browser app (it is an embedded version of safari, I suppose). Is there anyway to disable or password protect this feature? Thanks! Ken
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