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  1. I am running evernote on ios on a new iphone 12, on an android phone, and evernote on 2 windows machines. The windows machines are both staying with legacy (as is our business enterprise) until the new version restores functionality available in the legacy version. Suddenly on the ios phone workbooks belonging to the business account now appear in the workbook list on the personal account. Both phones (ios and android) are running ver 10. the problem only occurs on the ios phone. These workbooks were separated from the personal account when the business and personal was split into seperate accounts (at ENs instigation recently). Selecting one of these business workbooks from the list (on the personal account) results in the message "Can't add notebook - You no lionger have permission to access this notebook". So - given the accounts were split, why is this now coming up on the ios version (android and windows are both fine). Version is 10.9 (1113141)
  2. Just installed the ver 10 and thank god could revert to legacy app. User since oct 11.....so much of my life and that of my family and our work enterprise is here.... new app needs to allow previous interface option or the major migration will be out ---- can you hear me devs? this is evenote on a knife edge ..... ken
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