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  1. I use created date to refer to the origin date of the content itself. This gives me a time stream of my activity when I order by created date. This is the way I view my material by default, so having simple access to this date is integral to my use. Helps me with managing the fragmentation of my time on a wide range of activity areas (something that is common to most people these days). Where do I find the beta mentioned above? Ken
  2. so --- the above was posted 25th april - its now 06th may .... I have just fallen for the new version on the laptop - (should have checked the forum first) ...should I uninstall and try to roll back...or is the fix imminent?
  3. Hi - the new interface is clear - looks good - I have found that tags from a notebook shared to you from another account cannot be typed or entered into the "Click to filter by tag..." prompt at the top of the note list column - difficult as I scan tag and title everything that comes in and then move to notebooks shared out to their owners......they cannot then easily use tags to filter - ie enter two tags to the "click to filter by tag line" (I recognise that you can still filter by clicking on one only of the tags in the left column but this is very limited - ie. only one tag can be selected this way) also - a suggestion - send by email - could we remember email addresses previously used pls...drop down or other..? thanks for the program - this has changed my life considerably - Im actually winning the paper war, and have the family and my work sorted....
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